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The Cherry Health strategy is very simple.  We design solutions that specifically address barriers to care and create safe havens for health needs. Unfortunately, the care that achieves the best outcomes is not always fully funded or reimbursed. This means we count on our donors stepping in, providing excellent care rather than “better than nothing” care. Our Annual Donor Impact Report shares how you helped and who you helped through your support of Cherry Health Foundation. On behalf of the over 70,000 patients at Cherry Health, thank you.

Care Team. Two Simple Words That Mean Everything.

A gift to Cherry Health Foundation allows someone in our community to receive needed care. Many of our patients have little or no other access to health care, and would not be able to receive services without your support!

With Cherry Health’s integrated approach to health care, it takes a team to improve lives. In our locations, the entire care team meets in a “huddle” to determine how best to serve each patient. From the doctors and pharmacists to the counselors, social workers, and receptionists, everyone’s action is needed. With the care team, our patients are treated as whole, complex individuals, who work and hope for better health.

As a donor to Cherry Health, you are part of the Foundation’s “huddle.” Cherry Health Foundation’s Care Team is a lead group of donors whose annual investments make access to essential, quality health care possible. The Foundation’s Care Team knows that it takes all of us to create a healthy community.

Thank you for considering how your investment in Cherry Health Foundation may change lives! For more stories of impact, please take a look at our triannual newsletter Health, Hope & Opportunity, linked below.

Make an Impact

Take a look at our recent featured patient impact story and ways you can be part of the “huddle” by joining the Care Team, below.

Caring for the Front Lines

Cherry Health provides access to care to those who face barriers to traditional health care delivery. For many frontline workers (factory workers, delivery drivers, contractors, etc.), Cherry Health is their lifeline – connecting them to affordable primary, dental, vision, counseling and pharmacy services. When you are working for wellness, having a coach like Cherry Health on your sidelines makes all the difference.

Jenna, Kim and Marcus are just three frontline workers that rest safely in the knowledge that health care is accessible and affordable, especially when you need it the most. Jenna, a small business owner, knows that her doctor will connect her to resources for anxiety, medicine and testing through the toughest times. Kim and Marcus have a team that saved Marcus from a life-threatening substance use disorder, then continued to help their family by getting Kim affordable prescriptions in the pharmacy.

When facing barriers to wellness because your daily hurdles keep you from your health, Cherry Health Foundation donors advocate and act to fill the gaps in care. Financial support ensures access, expands services and funds innovation with data-driven solutions that work!

Join the Care Team

Care Team members receive exclusive communications about the impact of their giving. They also receive special recognition, private tours, and opportunities to connect through dedicated events.

This extraordinary group aids vulnerable Cherry Health patients, 97% of whom are impoverished or at or below minimum wage. In the examples below, see the annual impact you make as a part of the Foundation’s Care Team.

To learn more or make a gift,
or call Anna Goddard Clifford, CFRM, Foundation Director, at 616.965.8217.

Comprehensive $5,000 or more

Creates access for 1 family of 5 to complete primary care (medical, dental, vision & counseling).

There are over 800,000 patient visits a year at Cherry Health locations.

Continuum $2,500

Allows 1 school-based health center support team to care for children right in their school.

Cherry Health operates 5 health centers inside schools, with nearly 17,500 dental, medical, and counseling visits per year.

Integration $1,500

Provides 10 patients with emergency walk-in dental visits.

Of the more than 85,000 dental appointments for Cherry Health patients, 7,300 are emergency procedures.

Access $1,000

Starts 1 opioid addicted patient’s medication assisted treatment (MAT).

Research has proven that MAT reduces fatality by 50% or more. Cherry Health serves approximately 1,500 patients annually with MAT.


Donating Your Stimulus

We’re so grateful for the support of our monthly donors, Mr. Clayton and Rev. Diane Maodush-Pitzer, PhD, who have generously offered their “extra” from the stimulus. Here they share why they made that decision and urge others to follow.

“The last year has turned so much of the world as we have known it upside down:  physically, emotionally, spiritually and for many financially.  Essential workers, teachers and so many others have given more than they knew they could to ensure that the rest of us, along with our children are safe and healthy.

For the third time in this year marked by COVID-19, our government is providing a stimulus check to families in an attempt to help ease the strain of financial burdens that have arisen throughout this crisis.  Some of us have been blessed with full employment throughout the shutdowns which have gripped the country and our world.  While the stimulus checks could be used for something “extra” in our lives, they also provide an opportunity to give generously to organizations like Cherry Health which have continued to provide critical services to those needing physical and mental health care.

We made the decision, as a couple, before the first stimulus check was disbursed, that all of whatever we received as part of the stimulus program would be shared with organizations like Cherry Health, organizations faithfully serving our community and the world beyond West Michigan. Now we would like to invite you, if you are able, to do the same.  For both of us, we see the gifts given, as our way of giving thanks to all of those who have so generously given of themselves throughout the year of COVID-19.”

To give your “extra” text CHERRY to 50155


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