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Care Team. Two Simple Words That Mean Everything.

A gift to Cherry Health Foundation allows someone in our community to receive needed care. Many of our patients have little or no other access to health care, and would not be able to receive services without your support!

With Cherry Health’s integrated approach to health care, it takes a team to improve lives. In our locations, the entire care team meets in a “huddle” to determine how best to serve each patient. From the doctors and pharmacists to the counselors, social workers, and receptionists, everyone’s action is needed. With the care team, our patients are treated as whole, complex individuals, who work and hope for better health.

As a donor to Cherry Health, you are part of the Foundation’s “huddle.” Cherry Health Foundation’s Care Team is a lead group of donors whose annual investments make access to essential, quality health care possible. The Foundation’s Care Team knows that it takes all of us to create a healthy community.

Take a look at our recent featured patient impact story and ways you can be part of the “huddle” by joining the Care Team, below.

Meet Deborah.

Meet Deborah.

Recently, our team noticed a silently weeping woman approach the mobile mammogram services that are available to patients here at Heart of the City Health Center once a week. But her name was not on the scheduled patient list.

“Deborah” had entered the line for one reason only: to thank Cherry Health for saving her.

When Deborah was 41 years old, her care team urged her to get a mammogram, but she was resistant because she was afraid to know the results. Her family history showed her at risk of breast cancer and she just didn’t want to know if she was going to die from it, too. But we knew that early detection was the pen that would rewrite a tragic history, so we kept up our reminders.

With our help, Deborah faced her fear, got her mammogram with the answer she expected: an abnormality was detected.

So, our team went to work.

Deborah was connected with specialists, the cancer was treated, and, on this day one year later, the reason she knocked on the door to the mobile mammogram unit, was to report that she is in remission. We gladly accepted her “thank you hug!”

Deborah’s story does not end there. She told us that she now has a future without fear. She is back in school working on her career, living to care for her four children, and making sure they know the importance of preventative health.

Philanthropic support made this outreach and life-saving results like this one possible.

Thank you!

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Join the Care Team

Care Team members receive exclusive communications about the impact of their giving. They also receive special recognition, private tours, and opportunities to connect through dedicated events.

This extraordinary group aids vulnerable Cherry Health patients, 97% of whom are impoverished or at or below minimum wage. In the examples below, see the annual impact you make as a part of the Foundation’s Care Team.

To learn more or make a gift,
or call Anna Goddard Clifford, CFRM, Director of Development, at 616.965.8217.

Comprehensive $5,000 or more

Creates access for 1 family of 5 to complete primary care (medical, dental, vision & counseling).

There are over 800,000 patient visits a year at Cherry Health locations.

Continuum $2,500

Allows 1 school-based health center support team to care for children right in their school.

Cherry Health operates 5 health centers inside schools, with nearly 17,500 dental, medical, and counseling visits per year.

Integration $1,500

Provides 10 patients with emergency walk-in dental visits.

Of the more than 85,000 dental appointments for Cherry Health patients, 7,300 are emergency procedures.

Access $1,000

Starts 1 opioid addicted patient’s medication assisted treatment (MAT).

Research has proven that MAT reduces fatality by 50% or more. Cherry Health serves approximately 1,500 patients annually with MAT.

Thank you for considering making a donation to the Cherry Health Foundation. Please note, if donations to the Cherry Health Foundation exceed the amount of funds needed to support a particular program, we may utilize the extra funds to support other Cherry Health programs, as needed.

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