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Mindful Eating Over the Holidays

The average weight gain is 1-2 pounds during the holidays. It is easier to maintain weight than try and lose unwanted pounds. It takes 3500 extra calories to gain a pound of weight. This can happen as easily as having larger portions of foods on your plate and using a bigger plate and glass. Very Read More

Making Fruits and Veggies a Priority

What if we ate more fruits and vegetables in our diet? What would the benefits be? Here are a few good reasons: You would get more nutrients like calcium, fiber, folate, iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C. This would also save on the cost of paying for supplements. They are convenient. Grab a Read More

Mammograms: What to Know Before You Go

What do I need to know about mammograms? One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, but thanks to improved treatment and detection methods the survival rate has grown to over 90%. Mammograms should be performed every year once you are forty years old. Below is what you need to know before you Read More

Concussion: My Kid Has a Head Injury!

School is in session and sports have started. This time of year is very exciting, but is also a time when kids are more prone to injury after a summer of relaxing. Today’s injury focus is on the head (i.e. concussions or traumatic brain injuries). Concussions are important to know about, so we can prevent Read More

Bicycling Dos and Don’ts

Your child’s first vehicle is often a bicycle. Riding a bicycle is an opportunity for your child to develop a sense of accomplishment and balance, but if not ridden safely, it can also pose a risk to your child’s health. Each year “more children ages 5 to 14 are seen in emergency rooms for injuries Read More

What You Need to Know About Health Insurance

It’s almost that time again when students get ready to go back to school. This is typically an exciting time for students to get school supplies, but not so much for parents. Regardless of the economic expenses and life event changes that a parent may face, parents may also face their children getting sick or Read More

Better Health Starts Small

We’ve heard it before or maybe we’ve said it before: “I want to lose weight,” or “I want to be healthy.” Saying you’re going to do something is just the first step, but actually committing to do something about it is an entirely different story. Just like many people, I decided that I wanted to improve my Read More

Vision, Vision, Vision: The Difference Between Tests, Screenings and Exams

There are many eye and vision problems commonly seen in children. With vision disorders being one of the most widespread disabilities in childhood, it is important as a parent to know the difference between a vision test, vision screening, and comprehensive eye exam. It can often be confusing making sure your child gets the appropriate Read More

Become Mindful in Summer

The change of seasons provides an opportunity for mental wellness. I have often felt a sense of “connectedness” when in nature and often hear the same experience from clients. I remember being on top of a mountain and looking at the majestic scenery and feeling a part of not only of nature and the planet, Read More

Is Your Baby Social?

Parents and caregivers focus a great deal on a child’s health. Children go to regular doctor’s appointments, Women Infants and Children (WIC) teaches about healthy nutrition, and extra care is taken when there are sniffles and sneezes. Sometimes social-emotional health is overlooked, but adequate social-emotional development will help a child to live a healthy and Read More