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Eat Right Bite by Bite!

National Nutrition Month is here again this March, and this is a good time to reflect on our health, including new and old eating habits. Eat Right Bite by Bite is a theme brought to you by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. What does Eat Right Bite by Bite mean? It is a fancy Read More

ASK THE DENTIST: Understanding Your Dental Insurance

Q: How do I know if my insurance includes dental services? A: Different insurance plans cover different services. Therefore, before you visit your dentist, it is important to make sure he/she accepts your insurance plan and that the service you need is covered. It is also important to understand what coverage level you have. With Read More

ASK THE DENTIST: Minimize Cavities Caused by Dry Mouth

Q: Over the past couple of months, I’ve noticed my mouth is dry. Why is this? A: Cavities are often caused by dry mouth as a side-effect of medication. In fact, more than 500 medications—including those for treating allergies, asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pain, anxiety, depression, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s—can cause dry mouth that Read More

From Intern to Employee: Brittany Ruggero

Describe a little bit about your role and how you got there. I began with Cherry Health in August 2016 as a Master of Public Health (MPH) intern at Heart of the City Health Center Adult Medicine. After I completed one semester as an intern with Adult Medicine, I was offered the opportunity to continue Read More

The Whole Truth About the Flu & the Flu Vaccine

With so many myths about Influenza (Flu) and the flu vaccine; this is a good time to set the record straight so you can make the best decision to protect yourself, your family, and your community against Flu. What is the Flu and what is it not? Influenza is a respiratory illness caused by a Read More

How to Have a Happy (& Healthier!) Halloween

The kids look adorable in their costumes and are counting down the days until October 31! Are you ready for the sugar rush? With a little creativity, you can find fun ways to include some healthy options in the mix for trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. Try these five tips to make your Halloween festivities a Read More

How to Use Every Bit of Your Pumpkin

A good way to get your money’s worth in addition to being earth-friendly and reducing your food waste is to use as much of your food as possible. When we buy a pumpkin with the intent to carve it for a spooky jack-o-lantern we don’t always have a use for all the other parts. Here Read More

Grief After Losing a Pregnancy or Baby

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. Here are some tips and resources to use to help cope with your loss. What is grief? Grief is the feelings you experience after the loss of a loved one or someone close to you. How do I deal with grief from the loss of my pregnancy/baby? Read More

6 Weight Loss Tips to FIT into your Schedule!

Your doctor tells you to lose weight. And you already know this, but it isn’t easy. The following statements may seem obvious, but they can work for you if you commit to a few: IF YOU DON’T BUY IT, YOU CAN’T EAT IT: Well duh! But it’s true. If it is not available in your Read More

Back to School: How to Avoid Backpack Injuries

Thousands of children each year suffer from a variety of backpack related injuries including back and neck pain, shoulder pain, muscle strains and spasms, nerve damage and headaches. These conditions are preventable with just a few quick tips: Check Weight: The total weight of the load should not exceed more than 10% of the child’s body Read More