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Our diet and the food choices we make play an important role in our health now and in the future. You might know that the choices we make can impact the likelihood of developing diseases such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, but did you know that food choices also affect cognitive skills, behavior, and academic performance? Many of our habits around food and the choices we make begin to form at an early age. That’s why it is the best to teach your children when they’re young, so they can stay health, active and strong throughout their life.

To help kids get a solid foundation for living a healthy lifestyle, Cherry Health offers EatPlayGrow, a program for children age 0-5 that uses engaging activities and simple strategies for families to incorporate good nutrition into their daily routines. The evidence-based curriculum places a strong emphasis on family learning, because families play a crucial role in forming children’s healthy habits right at home. The lessons make it fun and easy for kids to learn healthy choices through artmaking, storytelling, and by using music and movement activities. These fun activities incorporate nutrition, so kids make good food choices and they also include other health issues like physical activity and sleep, so children understand that healthy lifestyles are more than just the food they eat.

The best part about EatPlayGrow is that it is not just for kids. Families are encouraged to continue practicing healthy choices and activities at home by utilizing the family handouts and family health journal after the lessons are complete. EatPlayGrow is currently being offered virtually through the platform, Zoom. The program is free of charge for Kent County residents and is made possible because of the generosity of Kent County taxpayers and the voter-approved Ready by Five Early Childhood Millage.

To participate in the program:

  • For our virtual programming, register here.
  • For live programming at the Grand Rapids Public Museum, click here.

For more information about EatPlayGrow at Cherry Health, check out our webpage.