West Michigan Woman Brilliance Awards Announces Tasha Blackmon as 2020 Woman of the Year

The fourth annual West Michigan Woman Brilliance Awards took place September 9, 2020, at Egypt Valley Country Club. The free live-streamed event celebrated trailblazers, innovators, mentors and more.

Today, we highlight the top honorees, including the 2020 Woman of the Year—Tasha Blackmon, Chief Executive Officer, Cherry Health.

Brilliant Woman of the Year | Tasha Blackmon
Brilliant Tenacity Top Honoree | Yuka Oba-Muschiana
Brilliant Team Player Top Honoree | Lisa Gustafson
Brilliant Social Change Agent Top Honoree | Keli Christopher, Ph.D.
Brilliant Mentor Top Honoree | Latasha Robertson-Crump
Brilliant Entrepreneur Top Honoree | Mary Reagan Shapton
Brilliant Emerging Leader Top Honoree | Jennifer Fillenworth
Brilliant Connector Top Honoree | Mimi Fritz
Brilliant Champion of Service Top Honoree | Ellie Wilcox
Brilliant Best Supporting Man Top Honoree | Chris Andrus
Brilliant People’s Choice Top Honoree | Farah Merhi

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