Onsite Clinicians Expand Mental Health Services at Middle Schools

October 22, 2019 (School News Network) – Outpatient therapist Ashtyn Storms is stationed at Wyoming Junior High School, offering onsite mental health support to the diverse, 1,000-student body.

On staff at Cherry Health for four-and-a-half years, Storms has experience working with adolescents facing myriad issues that can weigh heavily on their minds. She is offering professional counseling services students otherwise may have to leave school for.

“I think sometimes it’s just availability,” said Storms, about how her presence helps students in need of immediate services. She started working at the seventh through ninth grade building in mid-September.

“It’s being there 40 hours a week during their school day,” she said. “A lot can happen in the course of the school day. You might start off the day wonderful, and then something happens by lunchtime and your day isn’t so wonderful anymore. I think just knowing there is someone in the building you can go to if you need something is huge.”

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