Michigan providers pursue holistic model for more affordable and effective healthcare

June 20, 2019 (Second Wave Media) – We’re all used to the idea that primary, behavioral, dental, vision, and substance abuse care are separate disciplines housed in separate facilities. But many in the healthcare world are beginning to see that model as not just inefficient, but costly and even detrimental to patients’ health.

Benjamin F. Miller, Psy.D and chief strategy officer of the California-based Well Being Trust (WBT), says fragmented care has tremendous costs.

“If you’re an individual seeking care and someone tells you that you have to wait, or see five different providers — and you work, go to school, or provide your family transportation — when you don’t show up for that appointment, that creates costs for the system,” he says.

Miller says that can then create a “crisis” for the patient, leading them to seek higher-cost forms of care like emergency room treatment – or even possibly leading to their arrest, if substance abuse or behavioral health issues are involved.

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