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Healthy Aging

As we age, our bodies go through many changes. It is important to discuss these changes with our medical providers as we observe them, as some changes may be normal and healthy symptoms of an aging body and mind while other changes may be symptoms of conditions that would require additional support from your team here at Cherry Health.

Below are some things to think about before your next appointment with your medical provider:

Do you understand your prescription medications and how to take them? The average senior patient takes five or more prescription medications to manage their health. With so many different prescriptions, it can be difficult to remember what medications are treating and how often each should be taken. If you are struggling to manage your medications, please consult your medical team.

Are you feeling more forgetful than usual? Many individuals face increased memory loss as they age in a normal process referred to as age-associated memory impairment. However, if you or family members are concerned about your memory, please discuss your concerns with your provider.

Are you having a difficult time seeing or hearing? Many older adults require glasses or hearing aids in order to see or hear properly, so do not hesitate to discuss any changes to your vision or hearing with your medical provider.

Have you noticed any changes in your energy levels or sleep habits? As we age we often experience changes to our normal sleeping patterns such as becoming sleepy earlier in the day, waking earlier, or not sleeping as deeply as we used to. These are all healthy, normal changes. However, if you are experiencing disturbed sleep, insomnia, or are waking up tired every day, this may not be a normal part of aging.

Does fear of falling keep you from your usual daily activities? It is important to keep an active lifestyle as we age in order to maintain independence. Your provider may have recommendations for how to overcome your mobility concerns.

Do you often feel sad, anxious, or worthless? About 15% of older adults struggle with mental health conditions. If you find yourself frequently feeling depressed or anxious, bring this up in your next medical appointment. You may benefit from meeting with a counselor or strengthening your support system.

Our team here at Cherry Health is eager to support you!

Rebecca Pavlock
AmeriCorps Member at Heart of the City Health Center