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The 340B Discount Drug Program’s Original Intent

Cherry Health’s Pharmacy is located in Heart of the City Health Center and provides prescription services for all Cherry Health patients, as well as the general public. The pharmacy also provides a 340B discounted pricing program for Cherry Health patients who qualify for the program. The 340B program is funded by manufacturers of medications and is not federally funded. This means the pharmacy can buy medications from these manufacturers at a discounted price vs. other retail pharmacies. The savings are then used in many ways including these below:

  • We give the savings back to the patient through our pharmacy sliding fee program. Patients without insurance or even under-insured patients can buy medications at a more affordable price. This is one way we keep medication costs down, so that our patients can take the medications they need, and therefore increasing access.
  • We also use the 340B savings to increase access to more services. The 340B savings we receive contribute to services such as: patient education, translation, and transportation services along with many others which otherwise may be limited. The 340B program helps make these services sustainable.

The 340B program’s original intent may need clarification, but for Health Centers in Michigan like Cherry Health the program is vital to our patients and the services we provide. The program increases access to affordable medications and furthers Cherry Health’s mission to improve the health and wellness of our patients while encouraging access. So, whether you are insured or not – I encourage you to talk to your Cherry Health primary care physician to see if our Heart of the City Pharmacy is the right fit for you! Delivery services to other select Health Centers are also available.

In need of a refill on your prescription? Check out Heart of the City Pharmacy’s Health Mart page here!

Brett Gingrich, PharmD
Directory of Pharmacy Services at Cherry Health