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Dental Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Q: One of my teeth hurts when I drink ice tea. Do I need to see a dentist?

A: As a dentist practicing in Grand Rapids, I can tell you that pain in your mouth is not a feeling to ignore. While it doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem, you should contact your dental office if you are experiencing any of the following five symptoms:

  1. Mouth pain could be caused by a cavity, gum disease, an abscess or impacted tooth. If not treated by a dentist, your tooth could die, causing an even bigger problem.
  2. Experiencing pain in your teeth when you drink hot or cold beverages could indicate tooth decay, fractured teeth, worn fillings, gum disease, worn tooth enamel, or an exposed tooth root due to gum recession. Treatment options depend on the source of the sensitivity as determined by your dentist.
  3. Bleeding or sore gums could simply be caused by brushing too hard or overzealous flossing; however, this could also be a sign of gum disease that only an oral health professional can address.
  4. Mouth sores could indicate an infection, virus, fungus, or simply an irritation from dentures or a sharp edge of a broken tooth or filling. Consult your dentist if you’ve had a mouth sore for longer than one week.
  5. Bad breath can indicate poor oral hygiene, dry mouth, gum disease, or a medication’s side effects. If you brush your teeth and tongue twice a day and floss daily, but still experience bad breath, consult your dentist to rule out an underlying medical condition.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues or have other concerns, please contact us today. We’re here to help!







Nicole Kooiker, DDS
Dentist at Heart of the City Health Center