Tasha Blackmon: Incoming CEO of Cherry Health Interview

To Tasha Blackmon, the incoming CEO of Cherry Health, the patients are more important than anything.

Many of the nonprofit health care organization’s patients are living in poverty, but Blackmon said she and the staff work hard to ensure everyone receives the best quality of care possible.

It’s Blackmon’s “personal mission” to help those less fortunate. It goes beyond just feeling sorry for them, she said, because she believes anyone, including her, could be “one life event away” from needing the services.

That’s why she thinks it is so important to stand up for those in need.

“I have a way of speaking up and being heard for those who don’t have voices or for those whose voices have been silenced because of the barriers that they face in their lives,” Blackmon said.

“Health care is a right for everyone.”

Cherry Health is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) that provides health services, including medical, dental, behavioral, vision, pharmacy, integrated care and corrections. It is a “safety net” organization, meaning no one is turned away regardless of insurance status or citizenship status. Patients are required to pay what they can afford, with a minimum payment of $15.

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