Cheryl Goodell: The Progression of HR in Health Care

Our corporate office is located near what we call in Grand Rapids, “The Medical Mile.” We are surrounded by other health care agencies and hospitals causing a huge area of competition when it pertains to recruitment. So, we must rely on HRIS software to determine trends in turnover, needs to update compensation, etc.

We are constantly focusing on ways to stay ahead of competition and having the right software programs to drive the initiatives is imperative.

Implementing Current Disruptions in HR

Many organizations are adapting to the trend of becoming metrics-driven. Metrics steer organizations forward. There is a need to stay flexible with the output, however, an organization that is strong on metrics extends many advantages. At Cherry Health, we are striving to make the organization more metrics-driven offering support to trends in turnover. Metrics also provide a clearer picture on recruitment and talent acquisition aspects, we can determine the temperament of the environment on how long it takes to fill a position and then strategize accordingly. Analytics are critical; it can be used to combat issues concerning employment, such as hiring and terminating. For instance, analyzing turnover can help us understand where the termination trends are originating from, as employees are leaving certain positions. This is then reported out to the executives every month to give them updated information about employees and the status of the turnover, after explaining the strategy employed. HR Business Partners are also helpful in strategizing change.

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