Bill Aimed At Alleviating Shortage of Dentists in Underserved Communities

Many of us hate going to the dentist, but there are some Michigan residents who can’t go because those services simply aren’t available.Numbers provided by the Michigan Council for Maternal and Child Health show 14 percent fewer adults visited the dentist between 2010 and 2014, 25 percent of third graders have untreated dental disease and 32 percent of Michigan residents lacked dental insurance in 2015.

There are 77 counties in Michigan out of 83 with rural or urban areas that are experiencing a dentist shortage.

A Michigan Senate bill is aimed at alleviating a shortage of dentist taking care of the underserved. The bill would expand access to oral health care about allowing dental therapist to operate under the direction of dentist.

Part of the reason is a lack of access to dental care.

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