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Better Health Starts Small

We’ve heard it before or maybe we’ve said it before: “I want to lose weight,” or “I want to be healthy.” Saying you’re going to do something is just the first step, but actually committing to do something about it is an entirely different story. Just like many people, I decided that I wanted to improve my health as a new year’s resolution. Where would I start? The concept is just so big, and I have a lot of ground to cover.

After reflecting on my goal, I decided to tell a good friend about my intentions. I explained that it was such a lofty goal that I didn’t feel confident I would be able to really achieve it. She told me about this idea she learned from an online blogger. She explained that the best way to begin a habit is to start off by doing the very least you can do and build from there. I thought about it for the rest of the day. Often when I fail, it is because I am overwhelmed by the scope of the end goal and I give all my heart right out of the gate. It is usually a big change that is hard to maintain over time.

I decided that when I got home from work I would try something small. I changed into my workout attire, and that was it for the day. It felt small, but it felt empowering, because I did it. I worked my way up from there to successfully losing 20lbs and keeping it off since January, and I didn’t start by overcommitting. I still have work that I want to do, and I may waiver from time to time, but I keep going back to the one simple concept that kick started my success: What is the least effort I can put into forward momentum? When you think about it, the least effort is 100% better than no effort.

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Anthony Ongaro is the author of Break the Twitch, an online blog that focuses on intentional living through minimalism, habits, and creativity.

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