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3 Points to Consider When Choosing the Right Therapist for You

Interview your potential therapist:

  • This might sound kind of silly, but the reality is that like most things in life there are good and bad options whenever we are looking for someone to provide us with any type of care. I would encourage anyone who is interested in trying therapy for the first time to call around to different therapy offices and maybe even check them out online to see if you can get more information on them. This is an easy first step that will help you filter through different candidates and should help you pick one that you believe might best suit your needs. Finding a credible therapist shouldn’t be too difficult if you take this approach. Just make sure that the therapist is licensed, credentialed and that they are open to sharing about their professional background, treatment style and areas of expertise.

Areas of expertise:

  • Now for the most part, the average therapist should be able to help you with just about anything that you want to bring to the table. However, like in other medical professions there are therapists that have different specialties. Are you looking for family therapy? Marriage counseling? Need help choosing your next career move? Whatever the case may be, it is useful to look for a therapist that has expertise and experience in your area of need.


  • Genuineness in a therapist is a must. In my experience, the cornerstone of therapy is authenticity. From your first few sessions you ought to feel that the therapist is genuinely interested in assisting you, and their passion for helping others should shine through in their approach and in the way they engage you. Authenticity is engagement. Regardless of years of experience and style of therapy, the single most important factor in choosing the right therapist for you is level of comfort and sense of connectedness. Trust your gut on this one. Lastly, word of mouth is always a good way to start and may make this process much easier for you!

By: Chris Rivera, LMSW, CAADC

Outpatient Therapist

Leonard Street Counseling Center