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What is a Medication Assisted Treatment Program?

With the opening of a new Medication Assisted Treatment Program (MATP), we are often asked questions about what an MATP is. Here are some facts that might help explain the role of a Medication Assisted Treatment Program at Cherry Health:

  • MATP’s provide medications (methadone, suboxone, vivatrol) along with therapy to address substance abuse and mental health issues.
  • Cherry Health MATP’s provide individual therapy, group therapy, recovery coaching and recovery management services in combination with medications.
  • Methadone strives to eliminate withdrawal symptoms. Without withdrawal symptoms people have a better chance at recovery.
  • Once withdrawal symptoms are managed this allows patients to focus on developing the tools and skills they need to achieve and maintain long-term recovery.
  • Methadone lasts 24-48 hours, which allows for a patient to take their medication once a day. Daily administration of Methadone eliminates euphoria from opiate use and reduces the risk of overdose.
  • Methadone is not meant to be taken forever. It is a vessel for change, not a life sentence.
  • Medication Assisted Treatment takes time and determination with highest rate of long term success being after 1-2 years in treatment. Opiate dependence does not occur quickly, neither does recovery.

Medication Assisted Treatment bridges the biological and behavioral components allowing individuals struggling with addiction to have a fighting chance. The first step is learning more about what options are available to help. Addiction is fought by the individual, but it does not mean they have to do it alone.

Merrill Murphy, LLPC, CAADC
Outpatient Therapist at Muskegon Recovery Center