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Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

1. Eat healthy snacks: Fruits, vegetables, yogurt and cheese are good choices. Stay away from sweet foods that can stick to teeth, like fruit snacks, raisins and candy.
2. Avoid sweet drinks: Pop, sports drinks (like Gatorade), Kool-Aid, juice and even milk have sugar that can cause cavities! Make sure your child has only 4-6 ounces of juice per day and only during meal times. It is especially important to avoid milk and juice before bed, and your child should never sleep with a bottle or cup!
3. Drink lots of tap water: It has fluoride added to it, which protects teeth from cavities, and washes away all the food your child eats during the day.
4. Brush your child’s teeth: At least 2 times per day as soon as you see a tooth! Children should always be supervised, and an adult should brush until children turn about 8 years old. Use fluoride toothpaste or one that says “cavity protection.” Children 0-2 should use a “grain of rice-size” amount of toothpaste, and children 3-6 should use a “pea-sized” amount of toothpaste.
5. Take your child to a dentist: The first dental visit should be before their first birthday. A dental home will provide information about what to expect as your child grows. A fun and caring dental experience early in your child’s life will help them to feel comfortable and enjoy going to the dentist.

Dr. Meghan Condit
Dentist at Heart of the City Health Center