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The Not-As-Obvious Problems with Child Abuse: A Social Worker’s Perspective

Child sexual abuse is epidemic. Four years ago, we learned about the acts of Jerry Sandusky during and after his tenure at Penn State University. The scandal at Penn State teaches us not only about the pathology of the offender, but also about the culture that enables these tragic events to occur.

Patrick Perion is a social worker and Department of Child and Family Services child abuse investigator, whose article discusses the reality of child sex abuse against the backdrop of the Penn State scandal. Mr. Perion has allowed us to link to this article he wrote from his experience in the field, as well as his knowledge of the pathologies of child sex abuse.

This article is honest and it includes material of a sensitive nature, as it should. Just a forewarning, though.

A Child Abuse Investigator’s Opinion of Joe Paterno: “He Chose Evil” – The Daily Banter.

Justin Westerhof, LMSW, CAADC
Outpatient Therapist
Leonard Street Counseling Center