Cherry Health Recognizes the Importance of Oral Health

July 9, 2016 (MLive) – Cherry Health, the largest Federally Qualified Health Center in the state, is applauding the funding increase in the state budget that provides better oral health access for kids, seniors, adults enrolled in Medicaid, and low-income uninsured residents.

The $55 billion budget, signed by Gov. Rick Snyder in Holland last week, includes $25 million to expand the state’s Healthy Kids Dental program to fully cover all eligible children in all 83 counties.

Statewide funding for Healthy Kids and other oral health programs is now about $250 million. The total anticipated coverage is for more than 956,000 children with the expansion.

“This year’s budget sends the message that policymakers take oral health seriously,” said Trish Roels, chief oral health officer with Cherry Health in Grand Rapids, in a Friday, July 8, press release.

“Residents across the state now have a better chance than ever to seek out the oral health care they need, for themselves, their children, and their elderly parents.”

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