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Top 5 Tips To Make the Most of Summer

Summer is here, which means the weather is nicer, the days are longer and there always seems to be more fun things to do. Here are some tips from a popular Psychology Today blogger to make the most of your summer.

1. Reconnect with nature. Don’t love the gym? Head outside to get in your daily exercise. Also, who can resist the awesome farmer’s markets and those healthy fresh fruits and veggies?

2. Summer reading. Yes, it’s fun to see those summer blockbuster movies, but when was the last time you went to the beach and just relaxed and enjoyed a good book?

3. Vacation. Need we say more?

4. Be spontaneous. There are so many activities happening throughout the summer – enjoy them! Jet off to the beach, see that outdoor concert, take a bike ride. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy those non-planned outings.

5. Be in the moment. Summer is a great time for making memories. It always seems to be the season that passes the most quickly, so take the time to enjoy it while it’s here.

To read the entire Psychology Today blog, please click here.

Ronald Christian Rivera, LMSW
Outpatient Therapist
Leonard Street Counseling Center