Cherry Health Foundation Announces $120,000 Gift to Cherry Health

April 12, 2016 – Cherry Health Foundation was launched in 2014 to be the community fundraising vehicle for Cherry Health. This 12 member Foundation Board,, is committed to increasing community awareness, trust and financial investment in the mission of Cherry Health.  With the support of Cherry Health’s Development staff, the Foundation sponsors several annual fundraising events (including the Cherry Health Celebration) to raise awareness and money for Cherry Health.

Under the leadership of Susan Shannon, Chair, the Foundation announced its first major gift of $120,000 to Cherry Health. This generous gift will support Durham Clinic, Cherry Health’s fully integrated care clinic for adults, which uses an interdisciplinary team-based approach to manage chronic physical and/or mental health conditions. The goal of Durham is to help patients manage their health conditions well enough so that those conditions don’t interfere with how they want to lead their lives. Durham Clinic has received national recognition for this integrated care model, by demonstrating statistically significant improvement in patient outcomes.

Third party reimbursement models have not caught up with integrated care, despite demonstrated patient improvement. Therefore, Durham is not completely self sustaining at this point. Cherry Health is advocating at the State level for a change in allowable billing codes, so that a sustainable model for integrated care reimbursement can be established in the future.

In the meantime, Cherry Health Foundation’s support allows this innovative model of care to continue to improve patients’ health and well-being. “We are incredibly grateful to the Foundation for their support of our Durham integrated care model”, states Thomas Platt, MD, Chief Medical Officer. “Improved patient outcomes means that individuals have the opportunity to get on with their lives, support themselves and their families, and be part of the economic and social fabric of West Michigan. This gift helps both our patients and our community.”