Tobacco sting finds 22 retailers in Grand Rapids sold to minors

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (mLive) Р After a three-month investigation, the Grand Rapids Police Department found more than 24 percent of retailers they checked had sold tobacco to underage decoys.

The department partnered with Cherry Health Services and checked 90 stores in the city during July, August and September. Twenty-two of the stores checked violated the Michigan Youth Tobacco Act.

The law states that a person shall not sell or furnish a tobacco product to anyone under the age of 18. Those found violating the law are guilty of a misdemeanor that comes with a fine of up to $50 per violation.

In the north and west service area, five of 43 stores violated the law. In the south and east service areas, 17 out of 47 stores were found to be selling to underage decoys.

This is a yearly project for police and Cherry Health Services.

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