Cherry Health Receives Award for Service to Children

Head Start for Kent County celebrated its 50th year anniversary on Friday May 15 with a celebration showcasing the achievements it has made helping low-income children become successful in school.

Cherry Health began its partnership with Head Start during the summer of 2009 offering preventative dental services for those children enrolling in Head Start. Guidelines for parents enrolling their children state they must have a dental exam with-in 90 days of starting head start. Cherry Health is providing that service for parents by seeing children during the summer months and last year implemented a pilot program offering comprehensive eye exams as well. The pilot went well and Cherry Health will now offer both dental and eye services during the summer months for Head Start Families.

Aubrey Warfield, coordinator for the School Linked Program is the Head Start/ Cherry Health liaison, meeting monthly with Head Start to maintain the organization’s commitment and communication for the partnership. During the 50 year celebration Head Start presented “Friends of Head Start awards” recognizing one agency and three individuals. Cherry Health was the recipient of the agency award for helping get medical and dental treatment for families who might not otherwise afford treatment.