Raising tobacco awareness on ‘Kick Butts Day’

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (Fox 17) — March 18 is National Kick Butts Day — a day for kids and teens to take a stand against smoking.  And with the huge rise in popularity of flavored tobacco products and e-cigarettes, advocates say it’s more important than ever to raise awareness.

Organizers of the 20th annual Kick Butts Day describe it as a day of empowerment that aims to not only educate kids and parents about tobacco, but also give them opportunities to let their voices be heard.  They say the tobacco industry spends huge amounts of money on marketing strategies that aim to reach young, potential customers, citing the $8.8 billion spent nationwide by the industry.  With the popularity of e-cigarettes skyrocketing, there are more temptations than ever for young people to pick up the habit.

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