Local efforts increase to help people enroll in Affordable Care Act

WZZM 13, March 11, 2014

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) – The final push is on to get people enrolled for the Affordable Care act — often called “Obamacare.”

The deadline for enrollment is March 31, less than three weeks away. People who don’t sign up by then, will be locked out for the rest of the year unless they have a life-qualifying event, like a marriage or birth.

There are enrollment sessions happening throughout West Michigan through the rest of the month. Michelle Fitzgerald, Region 3 lead navigator, says enrollment numbers in Michigan are quite good. In fact, they are right on target if not higher than projections for this first enrollment period. Still, there are many people confused or discouraged by misinformation and the clumsy rollout. Fitzgerald encourages them to stop procrastinating, saying there is not much time left. She says take advantage of the help being offered.

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